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About Us

Capa Homes is a family owned and operated company serving the Portland metro area. We specialize in custom design, custom build, remodel and restoration. With over 30 years of experience, Capa Homes brings a commitment to innovation and imagination to each project.

At Capa Homes, we choose to work exclusively with architects, engineers and craftsmen who share our enthusiasm and commitment.

Capa Homes believes in delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and services to our clients, exceeding even their expectations. Every detail of a house, inside and out is essential to making a house a home.

“Capa Homes’ long-time background makes them extremely knowledgeable about their craft. Their team brought excellent suggestions to the game plan and my remodel is even better because they directed it and counseled me so well. I am so pleased with the remodel and know that I will enjoy the benefits of it for years to come as it undoubtedly will enhance the value of my home in the real estate market.”

Lauren Botney