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Summer Lawn and Landscaping Tips

One of the most challenging seasons for growing plants and maintaining lawns is during the summer. As the temperatures rise, plants begin to wither and soil starts to dry. It is therefore essential to create precautions and implement wise watering measures.

Although all plants are affected by this hot and dry weather, determine any that are highly at risk and have them on top of your priority list. For example:

  • Newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Newly planted perennials
  • Flower beds

Water early in the morning, the least amount of water is lost through evaporation. Watering your lawn and plants in the evening could also work, however, it would encourage the development of plant diseases such as moss.

Water at the early signs of dehydration. Don’t wait for your plants to get severe damages before you water them. Water deeply but less frequently. Roots have the tendency to follow water. If you frequently water your lawn and plants shallowly, the roots tend to collect up near the top of the soil surface.

Lawns usually need 1 inch of water every week. However, during hot seasons, they can still survive with about ½ inch of water. Apply water around the base of flowers, vegetables and herbs so that water infiltrates into the root zones. Avoid runoff. Runoffs are a waste of water.

Lawn and plant care tips:

  • If footprints appear longer on the lawn, your lawn turf needs watering.
  • Squeeze a handful of soil into a ball. If it is damp and holds its shape, the soil is adequately watered. If you can squeeze out water from the soil, it is overwatered.
  • Consider aerating your lawns once a year to enhance soil penetration rate and minimize runoff problems.
  • Spray plants with water during daytime to avoid spider mites development.
  • Mulch around plants to prevent weed growth. It also helps in retaining soil nutrients and moisture.
  • Remove weeds as they compete with water and nutrients.

Don’t get too stressed when summer comes. Find viable solutions to keep your plants and lawn healthy throughout the hot season.