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Botney Residence

Neighborhood: SW Portland/Raleigh Hills

Type: Remodel

Description: A Raleigh Hills main floor remodel of the kitchen, breakfast area, and family room.

Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

Kitchen Nook - Before

Kitchen Nook - After

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

“Capa Homes is professional, honest, dedicated and conscious about cost, time and quality. When they tell you they will do a particular task, you can be sure that it will be done right and on time. They are well-respected in the field as was daily evidenced by the prompt and sincere attention every subcontractor showed when doing their respective jobs.

The bottom line—which is the real test—is that next time I am ready to do more work on my residence, there is only one contractor that I would call upon and that is Capa Homes.”

Lauren Botney